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Scratch Pad, Quick notes

A module for sketches allowing you to quickly save text information. Sketches are opened at startup and saved when closing. Sketches are available from the system tray.


TreeDBNotes documents and unicode filename

Fixed problem with unicode filenames of TreeDBNotes document. Now you can use unicode file names in your documents and notes. Try to use the latest version of TreeDBNotes notes manager.

Notes Manager - TreeDBNotes

The Notes Manager is a powerful, convenient and compact means for storing notes, documentation, help files, e-books and other information. Notes may be modified to suit your needs using the built in editor. Editing functions are similar to most text editors they include: changing fonts, colors, paragraph styles, and tables. Additional features: templates, styles, quick sentences, user variables, and import and export functions. It is possible to encrypt the whole document, or password protect any part of it (the tree, or folder).  Using advanced features such as history, tag cloud, preview, bookmarks and hyperlinks make you more productive and comfortable.


OneNote Replacement - TreeDBNotes

TreeDBNotes Pro can be used as a replacement for OneNote. One of the main advantages of the TreeDBNotes is mobility and easy portability. All necessary data is stored in one file (notes, contacts, passwords, list, and attachments). Enough to take on the road or to work just one file and you will always have all necessary information at hand. Now we consider the basic differences.


Portable Notes Manager, Portable Contact Manager, portable Password Manager

TreeDBNotes Pro uses a default folder which is set by the operating system. Modern operating systems, especially starting with Windows Vista impose stringent restrictions on the configuration of folders and files.This improves overall stability and security of the operating system, but it gives users some inconvenience. Especially when switching to another operating system or transfer data to another computer.



Backup allows you to save a copy of TreeDBNotes documents. If necessary, you can restore modified or lost information from the backed up file. By periodically creating a backup, you can protect yourself from data loss.

Attention! We conducted tests for TreeDBNotes, such as: Power off, forced restart, complex document, etc. The program has been stable in our crash tests, and failures or loss of data was found. But a computer in conjunction with the operating system may create other, unpredictable situations (multitasking operating system, scanners, files, file locking, hard disk damage, etc.). That\'s why we always recommend that you regularly back up. This applies not only to TreeDBNotes documents. Make backup copies of important files and documents. What would be the maximum protection is to keep backups and duplicate them on different media (CD, DVD, HDD, Flash, FTP, Network...). Because it is always easier and faster to recover data than to re-create it.


How to move TreeDBNotes Contacts to Outlook Contacts

Our program allows you to quickly, easily and conveniently transfer contacts to any other program. You want to move your TreeDBNotes Contacts to Outlook Contacts? Here you\'ll find how to do it.


How to move Outlook contacts to TreeDBNotes contacts

Our program allows fast, easy and convenient to import contacts from other programs or files. Here you can find information how to move your contacts from Outlook to TreeDBNotes contacts manager.


TreeDBNotes Pro 4 (Beta-1)

We present a new version of TreeDBNotes Pro. Our program has become more convenient and powerful. Hurry up to try the new version. Through our innovation, our program can become an irreplaceable friend and helper for you. With an updated Notes manager can easily create complicated notes (and find!), as well as import and export information into other formats. Updated Contacts manager will manage your contacts on a completely new level. Passwords module now easily handle the large number of records. The ToDo module will control all your tasks. The trial version is absolutely free and runs 30 days without any limitations! Free upgrades and no additional charges! All modules are already included in the main program. Small size, easy portability - TreeDBNotes Pro!


New Dynamic Editor - for Text, Paragraph, Images and Tables

We have made the TreeDBNotes dynamic editor more convenient and practical. Now the dynamic editor can edit not only tables, but also text, paragraph, images, etc. You can also create a gradient background for the tables and cells.


Good News! TreeDBNotes Contacts Organizer - New Features

More than a year, we have developed a component to display the contacts. Work is almost finished, we want to present new opportunities. Now the contact manager will be better than most of our competitors. Now, apart from the contacts list will be able to view the properties of the current contact. Contact list can be viewed in several modes.


TreeDBNotes - Conveniently, mobility and security

The program stores all data in one file *.treeDB. It records all folders, notes, contacts, passwords, links, images and tasks in a single file. Only technical information is stored in separate files (settings, styles, templates, etc.). This structure is very convenient for travel, business, reinstall the operating system or transferring data to another computer.


How to use Font Styles (Apply, Add, Modify)

Useful information about TreeDBNotes Text Styles. How to apply, edit, delete or add new style. Text Styles will quickly format text. The program has already established a number of styles. You can add or edit styles.


TreeDBNotes for Writers

The latest version of TreeDBNotes Pro have some useful functions for Writers. Real-time text statistics, Statistics of selection, Timer, Keywords, Description, spell checker, tree structure and attachments. We receive a lot of feedback from writers and journalists. We are constantly adding useful features for writers.


Syntax Highlighting in TreeDBNotes

TreeDBNotes supports all standard formatting of font and background. For quick format of code snippets or source code examples you can use Syntax highlighting tools.

Syntax highlighting is a feature of some text editors that display text—especially source code—in different colors and fonts according to the category of terms. This feature eases writing in a structured language such as a programming language or a markup language as both structures and syntax errors are visually distinct. Highlighting does not affect the meaning of the text itself; it\'s made only for human readers/editors.


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