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Screen capture - Taking a screen shot is easy!

Screen capture is a small addition that allows you to quickly and easily copy any image from a website or program, or take a screenshot.

Taking a screen shot is easy. It is done by the main menu command: \"Tools/Screen Capture\". Then, using your mouse,  mark the area you want to capture.

After the capture you can choose the format of the final image, and further actions. All settings (hot key, the form of images, the default action, etc.) are in the program settings: Tools/Options/Screen Capture. Using the inbuilt screen capture can reduce time and money by not using 3rd party screen capture programs.

Screen capture and Notes Manager

Screen capture is used to quickly insert images from the screen into a note (Notes manager). For example, you can create screenshots of other programs for the documentation of such or add a photo from a web site. Do this by clicking the main menu command: Tools/Screen Capture.

Screen capture and Contact Manager

Capture screen is used to obtain personal photo or logo on the screen or the site. To do this, click the \"Capture a photo from the screen (in the contact editor - Contact manager).

August 18, 2011


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