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Icon Library, Icon Manager, PNG Icons

A library of icons enables you to store icons and when necessary use them in the program. The icons are grouped in folders and stored in PNG format 16x16 pixels.

The library window is opened by main menu command: Tools/Icon library. On the left is a folder tree and icons are listed on the right. By default, the icons are grouped in folders by topic: Characters, Job, and so on.

You can create, edit and delete a folder using the buttons on the the toolbar (above the folder tree).
Management is performed using the buttons on the the toolbar (to add, remove, replace, export, etc.) TreeDBNotes program has a substantial library of icons and it is even possible to use custom icons. If you want to use your own icons, then you first need to add icons to the library.


Default Icon Library

After initial installation, the program creates the default library: TreeDBImages.LIB. In this library is a standard set of icons that we change periodically. We do not recommend changing the standard library. Because when you install updates, you can overwrite the standard library and lose all your added icons.

Custom Icons (PNG 16x16)

To use your own icons, create a new library with the command: Create a new library icon.  Place your icons in your library. With the help of the drop down list, you can switch between libraries. If necessary, you can create multiple libraries.

To delete a library, use the command: delete the current library.

August 19, 2011


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