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How to Import Google Contacts (Online Contact manager)

To transfer your contacts from other sources (programs, websites, mobile phone, database, etc.) you can use the Import Wizard, which can be run from the main menu: "File/Import Wizard (Contacts)". This article will show how to import contacts from online google contact manager.

You can export your Google Contacts as a vCard (.vcf) or Comma Separated Values (.csv) file and then import your contacts into TreeDBNotes Contact Organizer. You can find all your google contacts at (You need to login).

All your contacts and groups:



Google contact editor

You can view or edit contact information (Name, Phones, Work...)


Export Google Contacts

For exporting of Google Contacts into the TreeDBNotes Contact Manager you need to use link: Export. Then choose export formats (for contacts). The most convenient format for exporting - vCards.

Export Your contacts into the vCard VCF file (Google export all contacts into the one VCF vCard file).


Import Google Contacts into the TreeDBNotes Contact Manager

Then you can import VCF vCard file with TreeDBNotes Contact Manager (File/Import Wizard).

  • Google Contact Manager do not export photos into the vCard or CSV files.
  • Google Contacts can import vCards with photos
  • TreeDBNotes can export photos into the vCards
  • MS Outlook can not import multiple contacts from .VCF file
  • MS Outlook can import and export photos to vCard .VCF files

August 24, 2011


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