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New version: TreeDBNotes - Free Notes Manager

We are glad to inform you that we just released the new version of TreeDBNotes. Now you can Cut, Copy and Paste Notes branches, Export notes to folder structure, Import notes from folder structure, Improved support of unicode (file names, text), New dynamic editor, eBook options, Notes tools and much more.

Whatsnew in TreeDBNotes 4.0:

  • New: Export Notes to folder structure (as RTF, DOC, HTML, TXT or RVF)
  • New: Import Notes from folder structure (from RTF, HTML, TXT or RVF)
  • New: Support clipboard Cut, Cop and Paste for notes branches
  • New: Slovenian localization
  • New: Notes History (Main menu: Folders/Last 30 Notes)
  • New: Autocomplete words library
  • New: Read Only Notes (Folder Properties or menu: Notes/Set: Read Only)
  • New: Writers Timer (Notes Status bar)
  • New: Sort Table (Menu: Notes/tables/Sort Table)
  • New: Icons in Icon library
  • New: Templates (Calendar 2010, 2011)
  • New Notes tools: Split, Merge, Clipboard monitor
  • New: Tree-structured shortcuts editor
  • New: Global search options: Search in selected notes
  • New: Statusbar display attachments (for note)
  • New: eBook option: Add custom image (jpg, png)
  • New: eBook option: Disable Document actions
  • New: eBook option: Do not use INI file
  • New: Next folder (Ctrl+Alt+Down), Previous folder (Ctrl+Alt+Up) New: Group styles by letter (Folder styles
  • and text styles)
  • New: Confirmation Dialog (Options: Dialogs: Save Changes)
  • New: Launch eInfi Reader from menu (Tools/eInfi Reader)
  • New: Default file name (File/Save as...)
  • Completely rewritten the Notes Dynamic Editor
  • Update: Some languages
  • Improvement: Backup Explorer (New functions, Unicode filenames)
  • Improvement: Status Bar (Backup button)
  • Improvement: Main menu/File (Changed the location of some commands)
  • Improvement: Notes Status bar (Autocomplete, Timer, Words and Symbols counter)
  • Improvement: Interface (perfomance)
  • Improvement: Interface and text
  • Improvement: Tree tabs (Next, Previous, All)
  • Improvement: Keyword manager (Groups)
  • Improvement: Tag clous (support phrases)
  • Improvement: Date&Time functions in unicode
  • Improvement: Unicode file names (Export to Web site)
  • Improvement: Improved export MS Word DOC
  • Fix: Hyperlink to Folder (Error message: File not Found)
  • Fix: Search / Copy Subtree / Exception (TMP_TABLE: read-only dataset)
  • Fix: Dynamic Navigator (Refresh titles)
  • Fix: Differences in Text Stats Fix: Save as... (Save current note)
  • Fix: Attachment and unicode filenames
  • Fix: Main form offscreen position
  • Fix: Date and time format in unicode (interface, toolbar and editor)
  • Fix: Support of unicode filenames in TreeDB documents (new, open, backup, restore, save as)
  • Fix: Support of unicode filenames in eBooks (publish ebook, open)
  • Fix: Parse variables in unicode mode (loss of unicode after: insert the template, parse variables)
  • A lot of minor changes and fixes

You can download notes manager on our download page. More info about TreeDBNotes Notes Manager.

August 31, 2011


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