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TreeDBNotes - Program for travel, business trips and vacations.

Our program is very convenient for travel, vacation, business trip and so on. All notes, attachments, images, contacts, tasks and accounts is stored in one treedb document (.treedb). Enough to take on the road or to work just one file and you will always have all necessary information at hand. You can create portable version of TreeDBNotes from menu: /Tools/.

TreeDBNotes - Program for travel, business trips and vacations.

Where the personal information manager stores notes, contacts and passwords?


All necessary data (personal notes, contacts, passwords, accounts, tasks and attachments) is stored in one file (TreeDBNotes document: .TreeDB). Enough to take on the road or to work just one file and you will always have all necessary information at hand.

Travel - Encryption and Security. Private notes, password protection

To protect your private notes, private contats, accounts and passwords - TreeDBNotes information manager offers several options for protection: Encryption of the document, Password protection for individual parts, as well as several additional settings.

You can:

  • Protect your private notes with the password
  • Protect your private contacts with the password
  • Protect your accounts, tree and any folder
  • You can also encrypt the entire document

Attention! If you store important, personal or sensitive information, you must always think about protection. There are some general rules to follow:

  • Do not use weak passwords, such as 12345, abcd, names, date of birth, city, etc. Such choices are checked in the first place with brute force attacks. Typically, when guessing passwords fraudsters use pre-prepared lists of frequently used passwords.
  • Do not store passwords near the encrypted documents.
  • Periodically make backup copies of all important documents and files. If possible, store the backups in different locations and on different media.
  • Periodically change all passwords.
  • Password length greatly affects safety. The longer the password, the longer and harder it is to find.

Travel - Notes, Contacts, Passwords, Accounts, Task and attachments

 You need to copy your treedb documents on a flash drive:



Travel - Portable version of TreeDBNotes

For maximum portability, you can make a special version (Portable or Flash version) using the menu command: \"Tools / Copy program onto a flash drive\"



Travel - System Requirements

We tried to make the program as accessible as possible, our program does not require any special system requirements. The program will operate on modern powerful computers, as well as on old weak ones.

  • Windows XP, Windows NT 4.0 or Windows 2000, Windows Vista, Windows Seven;
  • 128 MB of RAM;
  • 20 MB of HDD space;
  • No DLLs; All information is in a single database file;
  • Does not require any service packs or updates;
  • Does not require any \"Net Framework\".




September 10, 2011


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