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TreeDBNotes Web Grabber / Web Clipper addons

Good news! we have released the special version with web grabber (web clipping) for testing. For the testing you need to install new version of TreeDBNotes pro and our small extension (AddToTreeDBNotes.xpi) for Firefox.



Install TreeDBNotes Pro and Install our XPI extension (AddToTreeDBNotes.xpi)


How to use TreeDBNotes Web grabber module


1) Launch TreeDBNotes Pro.

2) Test web grabber module: TreeDBNotes main menu: Tools/Options/Default

You will see web grabber configuration: server and port. Press Test button.



This will open your web browser and you should see the message \"OK\". TreeDBNotes web grabber works through local web server athttp://

3) If you see \"Page unavailable\" or other error message, you need to config your firewall or antivirus. You need to allow the TreeDBNotes program to work with local server (

4) Install AddToTreeDBNotes.xpi in Firefox. Just drop this file onto the Firefox window and follow for Firefox instructions.

5) Now you can send information from Firefox to TreeDBNotes Pro. Just select information from web page and press \"Add to TreeDBNotes\" from Firefox Right-click menu.



October 11, 2012


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