Password Manager

If you are an active Internet user, then you probably already have multiple email accounts, several accounts on forums and other sites (twitter, youtube, skype, google, yahoo etc.) The number of such accounts is growing, they easily become confused and lose your registration data. Let TreeDBNotes Password Manager solve this problem and bring order to your accounts and other important information.

Program allows you to store important information for you in convenient form: passwords, accounts, properties, emails, credit card information, serial numbers, etc. Use folders to group records, with import and export - synchronize data with other programs or websites.

Password manager - Safety and Security

To ensure the safety You can password protect a folder or tree. You can encrypt the whole document. Built-in password generator helps you create passwords of any complexity.

Search, Navigation, Tools

In addition to storing important data the TreeDBNotes program allows you to find them. The program has a search on any property and filter by first letter. Important records can be marked with a color marker or icon. Attachments will keep the external files directly in the TreeDBNotes document.