Contact Manager

TreeDBNotes Contact Manager will help bring order to your contacts. With imports and exports - you can synchronize your contacts with other software or devices (mobile phone, web site...). With folders you can group contacts into logical groups (Firends, Work, Personal). The number of folders is not limited.

Contact Manager - Features

TreeDBNotes Contact Manager can handle the large number of contacts. But the program can not only store contacts but also to find them. You can use the search on any property or Filter by the first letter. Contacts can be sorted by any field. The most important contacts can be marked with a color marker or icon. All this will help you quickly and easily find the necessary contacts. 

Each contact record has a large number of properties which if desired can be filled. We have developed a unique interface for the contact editor. Usually such editor looks like a large form with a frightening number of fields for entering the properties. Our editor looks like a form that is pleasant and easy to fill. In addition to standard (name, address, work, phones) have additional properties, such as: photo, notes, attachments etc.

Safety and Security

To ensure the safety of your contacts, you can password protect a folder or tree. If necessary, you can encrypt the whole document.

Contacts List

The Contacts list shows contacts in the current folder. You can add, delete, edit, print, import, and export contacts records. If you select multiple folders, the list will show records from all selected folders. Contacts management functions are carried out by using commands on the toolbar, located above the list of records, as well as using the right-click menu. You can change the current view by using the view buttons on the toolbar. TreeDBNotes program allows you to display contacts in several ways: Cards, Tiles, Report, Photos, Files, Notebook.

Contacts List - Sorting

Sorting a list of contacts can be done from the toolbar or by using the header column of the report list. When you click on a column the list will be sorted by this column. If you click on the column again, the sort direction will reverse. The sorted order remains for printing , and exporting records.

Contact Organizer - Tools

TreeDBNotes Home - a panel that displays some useful information, depending on the state of the program. If you open a document containing contacts, it will display any contacts who will have a birthday in the next ten days. This feature allow you not forget to congratulate your relatives and friends on the holiday.

If you want to become better acquainted with the TreeDBNotes Contact Manager, you can download the demo file with the stars of Hollywood. Almost every star has a picture, real name, age, date of birth and other interesting information.