Tired of big bloated programs with not required functionality?

Try TreeDBNotes Pro which replaces several large programs.

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Stability and reliability - our program 15 years of!

Most of our competitors bloated and become uncomfortable or have disappeared. Our small team of TreeDBNotes proudly continues to develop and maintain a program. We have a lot of awards and positive reviews from users. We are the first who came up with storage of multiple tree structures and switching through tabs in 1997. Hurry to join us and become a user of the legendary TreeDBNotes Pro!


Do not lose your ideas!

The program will save and protect all your important information. Group notes into folders, create a comfortable structure of any complexity. A unique feature of our program - the ability to create multiple trees in a single document. This opens up endless possibilities for storing notes, contacts, passwords and tasks. The program is able not only to store, but also to find the necessary note. With features such as search, tag cloud, history, favorites. Found a note, you can print, export, move, or even close the password.

On any Windows device!

The program is made by special technology and will run on a modern Windows 10 computer, laptop or tablet, and on the old computer with Windows XP and 2000. Very compact size - only 9 MB! - Fit on any flash drive! The program is compatible with both 32 and 64 bit versions of the operating system and does not require downloading any additional libraries such as Java, Net, DirectX...

Your personal safe

The program is safe, reliable save all your data in one file: notes, passwords, contacts, files and tasks. We took care of the reliability and safety of your data. Your safe can be password protected. Available automatic or manual backup of the data. No one except you will not have access to your data, because:

  • Data encryption using AES-256, and others. Algorithms.
  • Your data is not leaked nukuda
  • No synchronization with clouds and sites
  • No need to register an account and log in
  • Fully works in offline mode (no internet required)

Travel with TreeDBNotes Pro

Take a single file on the road. You will always have access to your personal information. In any place, without the Internet. Turn on your laptop or tablet and you can find the password, address, make a note or write down important information. Thanks to strong encryption with AES-256 - the file can not be decrypted without your password. The program is very compact and can work without installation. Just copy it to a flash drive and run directly from the flash drive or an external drive.

Have time to buy with discount!

Now a lot of powerful smartphones and tablets. Windows software market has changed a lot. We have revised our price policy and made an experiment - reduced the price of the program. Hurry to buy TreeDBNotes Pro program at a new price! shares and the number of licenses is limited.

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Look for the free version?

We have a free version of the program TreeDBNotes Free. It has a much smaller capacity than the Pro version. The comparative table of features is available here.